What to expect

So what is it like?

If you take up our airport transfer option you will be met at the airport and driven directly to your accommodation.

Depending on your time of arrival there will be either a short introduction in the evening you arrive or the following morning.

During the week, our days are split into blocks to allow training time, personal time, one to one sessions and evening workshops. The day goes roughly as follows

8am - Breakfast is taken in your accommodation

9am to 10am - John and Clare are generally available for one to one sessions, to hang out with a coffee or to help you plan your day

10am to 4pm is your time to get some training in or rest and reflect if you have an easier day planned. Training is on a self led basis so that you can get the right sessions for your needs. However, plans can often be formed to exploit common goals so that sessions can be in small groups. John and Clare also run or ride most days and would be pleased to show you the local routes if your goals coincide.

4pm to 6pm - John and Clare are available to one to one sessions and/or massage

6pm to 7pm is when we run our evening workshops, this time can be quite a challenge when you are hungry so we provide snacks and refreshments

7pm onwards is time to hang out for a bit or have your evening meal and get ready for the following day. It is nice to eat together on occasions and we will try to facilitate that when we can.

Running: for runners there are plenty of marked trails, roads and gravel roads. The area is hilly but there are flat spaces within easy reach and good places for running fast flat interval sessions. If you like technical trails there are plenty to choose from, although there are plenty of options to get into the mountains without tackling the narrow trails if you want. The ground is well drained so trail shoes are not essential, although if you have a pair and enjoy the technical terrain it's worth popping them in your bag. We can help you find routes that suit you and provide gpx files should you want them.

Road Cycling: If you are road cycling, there are lots of great climbs and descents as well as some flatter riding - but keep in mind that you will have to climb out of the valley to get home. Not to worry though, there are plenty of small cafes to break your journey if you want an easier day. We can help you find routes that suit you and provide gpx files should you want them.

Mountain biking: The area has everything if you are a mountain biker, road routes to build fitness and technical trails to build skills. I suppose there isn't much mud but not many people are going to complain about that. We have gpx files of many route options that we have ridden and there are lots of marked trails around the area that are graded according to distance and difficulty. 

Workshops are designed to get you thinking, learn from us and each other, gain inspiration and develop ideas and goals to take forward into the one to one sessions. 

One to one sessions are where you can really make a difference to your camp experience. It is rare that an opportunity to work closely with a skilled and experienced helper is made available and with up to 4 sessions (2 with John and 2 with Clare) included in your camp you have an ideal opportunity to set yourself up with a plan that gives you the best chance possible to meet your future goals.

The schedule is flexible and will be adapted to meet the needs of our clients. Should there be demand for a special workshop or for us to organise a particular training session we will normally be able to accommodate your needs, assuming that it doesn't compromise the experience of others.

To book, check availability of find out more about our camps email Clare by clicking or fill in our contact form.



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