A professional endurance coach since 2009, John Hampshire has worked with cyclists and runners from all over the world to help them achieve their goals.

Whether you are training for your first road race or want to win an off-road trail marathon Coach John Hampshire can help you reach your potential and be your best. John enjoys working with a wide range of athletes from beginners to advanced as well as professionals.

John offers personal coaching to individuals as well as teams and groups.


I began my endurance sports career as a swimmer at a young age, setting the scene and building habits of exercise and training that have continued to form a structure around which I lead my life.

I started running to develop aerobic fitness for other sports and found the outdoors and camaraderie suited me perfectly, combined with the freedom of just heading out of the door with minimal fuss. Running became part of my life and I enjoyed many trips to run and race abroad as well as at home.

In the late 90s I injured my ankle and started doing more cycling, initially to keep fit, then racing triathlon and then bicycle road racing and time trialling where I started to learn about training with a power meter.

In the process I have learned how to manage injuries, fatigue and how to get back on track after setbacks as well as now having a better understanding of how to avoid them.

I have always been interested in human performance, digging into the detail and wanting to understand the theories and the practice of how to get better and how others got better. How to measure things and then how to understand the meaning of those measurements. Training with some great athletes I learned from them and started to understand what makes a great athlete great as well as where people get stuck and drift into a downward spiral.

In 2009 I was fortunate enough to visit my friend Karen Darke, who had the idea of taking part in the London 2012 Paralympic hand cycling, having been inspired by watching the races in the 2008 Paralympics on television. I offered to coach her and I have been a professional coach since 2010. I spent a spell of time with the British Cycling Performance Team in the run up to London 2012 where my athletes got a Silver and a Bronze, two athletes and two medals. So yes, Karen surpassed her dreams, not only competing in London but winning a Silver medal in the H3 time trial. I am still working with Karen as we hope to go one better in Rio 2016.

Having taken up coaching professionally I looked around for ways to get better. I knew I wanted to help individuals reach their potential and had a good understanding of physiology and training theory but felt I was weaker in coaching, psychology and motivation. Thinking laterally I decided to look to the world of performance coaching for business and took a course in NLP, hypnosis and motivational training. I have since done further training in sports psychology and hypnosis. This has paid dividends as successful coaching is about working with people, motivating and understanding. I now combine these skills with my knowledge and experience of physiology and training theory to provide an holistic package for success.


I like to work with my clients to take things back to first principles and then build back up to a plan for success. It may take some effort at the start but, in my experience this saves time and brings better results in the long run. Everyone is different, with their own priorities and needs - taking these into account is fundamental to a successful outcome.

Main Qualifications:

  • TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified Coach
  • British Cycling Level 2 Coach
  • UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness
  • Greate Britain Cycling Team - Paralympic Coach - hand cycling (London 2012)
  • Certificate in sports psychology and hypnosis
  • Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP coaching with CBT
  • Diploma in sports massage

Specialist interests:

Human performance and how to combine physical, emotional and psychological training to achieve our goals.

When not at work, you can find me… running and cycling in the mountains, learning about biomechanics, taking photographs, doing a bit of structural engineering or touring around in my campervan.



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