Gold package

Gold coaching: get on the podium

The gold-level plan is designed for serious athletes who want to challenge themselves. At this level of coaching the communication and one-to-one sessions are what will really make the difference between finishing with the pack and standing on the podium. 

We know how your mindset and psychology can have an amazing effect on your performance; this plan adds bespoke sports psychological support so that you train both your mind and body to ensure you reach your potential. 

Your plan will be carefully designed around your personal training history to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses to give you that extra advantage.

You will kick off your plan by meeting your coach to discuss:

  • Personal history, past training, and future goals
  • Training profile and fatigue profile analysis
  • Training analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Your approach to training and racing, strengths and weaknesses
  • Your current training levels and zones 

After your coach has reviewed the findings of the meeting and any historical training data you may have available you will have a further meeting where you will be presented with your:

  • Personal training plan to meet your racing goals,
  • Explanations of key sessions and how to track these in Training Peaks
  • Key areas and techniques to improve your mental approach to training and racing
  • Details of how to best communicate with your coach as part of a discussion process to derive the most mutually effective way of working.

Your coach package includes the following:

  • Custom training plan 
  • Interactive sports psychology sessions as part of the scheduled online meetings
  • Workouts emailed to you daily and available for review at any time
  • Free premium TrainingPeaks account after the completion of your current subscription
  • Training plan reviews via phone calls, online meeting, or Skype to include detailed
  • Four training plan review calls per month, up to 30 minutes each or two sessions of up to one hour (to be used for training review and guided sports psychology as required)
  • Four training plan revisions per month as needed
  • Unlimited emails/texts per month
  • 15% discount on training camps

The monthly cost:

The monthly charge for gold-level coaching is £200. Your first payment will include a one-time start-up fee of £69 and your first month's coaching fee.

Get in touch by  or the contacts page or arrange a free, no obligation 20 minute Skype or phone session to answer your questions and discuss the best option to suit your needs.

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