Quest 79 Training Camp

Achieve your inner gold

A unique opportunity to train with the support and guidance of a Paralympic Gold and Silver Medallist  Karen Darke MBE, experienced motivational speaker and mindset coach, and John Hampshire, an experienced cycling, running and triathlon coach who has coached various Paralympic athletes.

The intense training camp is for all levels of sports men and women. Your level is not important but having goals is. Our training camp is specifically designed to help you overcome both mental and physical challenges to achieving your sporting goal - whatever that may be.

Unlike many training camps, we feel it is essential to tailor plans to meet individual needs and achieve personal goals. We therefore do not promote a ‘one size fits all’ schedule.  Within our training camp we work with our clients to design and implement bespoke training plans, and one to one workshops to help you achieve your gold potential.

Evening Workshops

There will be optional workshops and activities in the evenings. This will include:

  • A talk by Karen Darke about overcoming challenges
  • Workshop on identifying strengths and weaknesses with respect to your goals and building a phased training plan for the season to meet your needs
  • ‘I’mpossible’ : a film about the mindsets involved with achieving surprising things, based on an Ironman story.
  • Massage and physio will be available some evenings or by arrangement

Pre-Camp Sessions

To enable us to develop bespoke training plans for the camp week we offer the opportunity to work with both John Hampshire and Karen Darke in one to one workshops via skype, prior to your departure.

John Hampshire

If you are quite new to training, John Hampshire will work with you to help understand your goals, and to design an advance training plan that can accelerate you towards them. If you have regular training data, John will use his expertise and years of experience to perform a detailed analysis of your heart rate, power, pace and other data,  helping you understand your training and identifying how you may be able to make effective gains to home in on your needs.  Whatever your starting point, you will benefit from personal interaction during a one hour Skype call, which will be used to create a bespoke training plan for your weeks camp and beyond. 

This will provide a springboard for ongoing performance improvement, with the option to purchase additional ongoing support plans.

Karen Darke MBE

A pre-camp questionnaire will be issued to enable you to identify any hurdles that may need to be overcome, to achieve your sporting goals.  This will focus on both the psychological and lifestyle challenges eg. motivation, work, commitment, fear, confidence, work life balance: any aspect that you feel may limit your health, sport or performance success.

A one to one session via Skype or on arrival will be arranged to discuss outcomes of the questionnaire.  Within this session and during the week, Karen will use her personal experience and qualifications in sports psychology and mindset coaching to aid you to develop strategies, tools and further practical steps to overcome key hurdles, helping to clear your mind and allowing true focus on your sporting goal.

There will be an option to purchase follow up mindset coaching and/ or sports psychology sessions at a reduced rate.

Sample week: