We are committed to work effectively with our clients, communicate well and learn as quickly as possible what works and what doesn't.

If your sport is endurance based; running, cycling or triathlon and you are:

Committed to work hard and assign importance to your sport;

Looking to perform to the best of your ability;

Open minded, interested and engaged in working interactively to get the best plan for you;

we can help you turn all that hard work and commitment into your best performances.

Our aim is to help you achieve

Success that is a significant achievement for you;

Improvement that exceeds your expectations;

Enjoyment of your sport and the process of planning and training for success.

We love working with clients with a wide variety of goals, such as winning a handcyling gold medal in the Rio Paralympics 2016, racing 100km across the desert or achieving that ever elusive PB.

Underlying all our work is our core ethic of working with the whole person; we know that many athletes including those at the highest level are also parents, carers, full time workers and more. We will design a plan to fit your lifestyle and your needs, working holistically with mind and body so that you truly can excel yourself.

Get in touch by or via the contacts page to see how things might work for you (it costs nothing to find out and could be the start of a new phase of sporting success). 


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